DUI develops, manufactures and delivers innovative ultra-precision asphere & freeform optics metrology instruments

Dutch United Instruments (DUI) provides NMF surface metrology tools for different sizes of optics. Based on the proven NANOMEFOS technology by TNO, DUI has developed the NMF platform that is the blueprint for all the NMF products which DUI offers. The NMF platform is specifically designed to provide easy, fast and accurate surface metrology of complex optics to the workshop floor. NMF is non-contact and capable of measuring optics ranging from convex to concave and from flat to freeform, with a typical measurement uncertainty below 15 nm RMS.

DUI was established in the Netherlands in 2017 to commercialize TNO’s NANOMEFOS. As a young company, DUI works closely together with technology partners such as TNO and DEMCON. TNO is a Dutch applied scientific research organization with more than 3000 employees. DEMCON has more than 700 highly qualified engineers and is a high-end technology supplier of products and systems, for high-tech, medical, opto-mechatronic and robotic systems. DUI is dedicated to developing ultra-precision asphere & freeform optics metrology instruments. DUI has an experienced and flexible team, which can also provide tailor-made solutions to meet your metrology requirements. 

form metrology tool

Dutch United Instruments (DUI)

  • Privately owned, a daughter company of DEMCON
  • TNO’s NANOMEFOS technology inside
  • Products manufactured and qualified in the Netherlands
  • Located in Delft, the Netherlands