NMF Products

The NMF product range currently comprises four sizes:  NMF350 S, NMF600 S, NMF800 S and NMF1000 S. These products are advanced 3D form metrology tools offering the advantages with respect to versatility, accuracy, speed, non-contact and ease of use for measuring any surface form from flat, sphere, asphere to freeform optics. 



  • Flat – Convex – Concave
  • Sphere – Asphere – Freeform
  • Off-axis, non-circular apertures

Large measurement volume 

  • Dimension referring to the table below
  • Unlimited asphere departure
  • Up to 5 mm PV and ± 20° for freeform (departure from best-fit asphere)

High point density for mid-spatials

  • Full surface with a few millions of points
  • Line scans with micrometer point spacing

Measurement uncertainty smaller than 15 nm rms

Suitable for glass, mirror, polished & ground surfaces

Fast (minutes)

  • A product can be aligned, measured and with result obtained in minutes

Non-contact, no damage to surface

Easy loading, alignment, programming & results processing

Platform  Max product diameter [mm]Max product -45° concave [mm]Max product 45° convex [mm]Max product 90° hemisphere [mm]Max product height [mm]Uncertainty [nm rms]Footprint [mm]
NMF350 S 350 350 170 100 150 < 15 970 x 1600
NMF600 S 600 600 425 100 150 < 15 1220 x 1750
NMF800 S 800 800 620 350 300 < 15 1620 x 2150
NMF1000 S 1000 1000 820 350 300 < 15 1620 x 2150

NMF Software (NMF OS)

All products are provided with our NMF OS software. This intuitive workflow based software allows you to setup and perform a measurement in a matter of minutes, calculate and analyze the results and export your data for iterative machining. DUI also offers optional software modules which enable advanced measurement input and analysis of freeform surfaces. For more details, please contact DUI. 

NMF Benefits

  • Versatile and one tool fits all: flat, sphere, asphere and freeform (rotationally asymmetric). 
  • Measure during entire manufacturing process (from ground to finished)
  • Extremely easy to use with intuitive user interface 
  • Setup, measurement and results in minutes without any setup cost
  • Robustness against floor vibration (reduction of total cost of ownership)
  • High-density error maps and linescans, incl. absolute radius measurement
  • Characterization of mid-spatial frequency errors 
  • Single nanometer rms level form error repeatability, even for large wild freeforms
  • Traceable calibration to NMI certified artefacts

Custom Metrology Systems

The NMF platform is modular and scaleable so it can be adjusted to your specific metrology needs regarding for instance diameter, height, product interface etc. Contact DUI to discuss your application requirements. 

If you would like to have more details of the products, please contact us.