Dutch United Instruments moved to a new location in Delft

DUI moved to a new location in Delft. The new location, located on the Kleveringweg in Delft, offers space to bring the production activities of DUI to Delft. Gerard van den Eijkel, managing director of DUI, is happy with the new location: “We are very happy with the new additional space, because we are growing out of our current production facilities on the Demcon Campus in Enschede. By expanding this with our own production location in Delft, we can serve our customers even better and we have room to grow. We have a number of new orders this year, some of which we will assemble in the new space.”

DUI will continue using the production facilities of the Demcon Innovation Center in Enschede to assemble their systems. So far, DUI has already delivered six systems from there this year. Four other systems are expected to be delivered before the end of the year. This includes all three variants of the system, the NMF350 S, the NMF600 S and the NMF800 S. Systems are delivered to customers worldwide, but mainly in Asia and Europe.