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DUI provides metrology tools for different sizes of optics. Our flagship product is the NMF600 S for optics up to 600mm. For tools of smaller and large sizes, please consult with us.  

NMF600 S

Based on the proven NANOMEFOS technology by TNO, DUI now brings the NMF600 S. A machine specifically designed to provide easy and accurate metrology of complex optics to the workshop floor. This fast, non-contact tool is capable of measuring optics ranging from convex to concave and from flat to freeform, up to 600 mm diameter, with a typical measurement uncertainty below 15 nm RMS.

Compared to the TNO prototype, it has been improved on many aspects. The footprint has been reduced to only 1.2 x 1.7 m (including the electronics). The robustness of the machine has been improved, the probe has been optimized, the electronics has been industrialised and all software has been upgraded.


Versatile, no setup changes for measuring a broad range of surface shapes

  • Flat – Convex -Concave
  • Sphere – Asphere – Freeform
  • Off-axis, non-circular apertures

Large measurement volume of Ø600 x 125 mm

  • Ø425 mm for 45° convex (up to 90° hemisphere for smaller diameters)
  • Unlimited asphere departure
  • Up to 5 mm PV and ±5° for freeform (departure from best-fit asphere)

Footprint of 1.2 x 1.7 m

High point density to show mid-spatial frequencies

  • Full surface 3M points typical
  • Line scans with micrometer point spacing

Measurement uncertainty generally much smaller than 15 nm rms.

Glass, mirror, polished & ground surfaces

Fast (minutes)


Easy loading, alignment, programming & results processing

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